Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bulih Bah Kalau Ko.

Any Sabahan and even some outsiders will recognize the phrase above. Used in many situations, one can familiarize with that catchy sentence very instantly and use it in every situation you can imagine.

Where did this phrase come from, I have no idea. As far as I can tell, there was no such thing as “bulih bah kalau ko” when I was little. It was around 2006 that this phrase became very popular. I’ve heard this phrase for the first time while I was working at Shangrila Tanjung Aru.

This phrase is used only when replying to someone’s statement, usually asking you to do a favor or the asker asking you to give an opinion. This sentence is considered to be a POSITIVE reply. When you use it, it is considered that you are agreeing or you will do the favor. Of course there’s sarcasm, but that’s another story.

A very loose translation would be “anything goes if you’re in it”…Weird much? Yeah, I know. Let me give you a few examples. Just some easy ones for you lah aa. :D

Taragang :Bulih saya pinjam i-Pod kau? [Can I borrow your i-Pod?]
: Bulih bah kalau ko. [Sure/Can/No problem/Alright]

Taragang: Bulih saya pigi tandas? Mau meletup sudah ni… [Can I go to the toilet? Nature’s calling…]
: Bulih bah kalau ko.Cepat sikit aa. [Sure/Can/No problem/Alright. Make it quick].

Still don’t get it? I'm bad at explaining things? Too bad. Go mingle with a few Sabahans to understand more. :D

P/S : No offence with the Jesus image. :)