Monday, June 29, 2009


Zhen zhu nai cha,pearl milk tea,bubble tea or boba.whatever you call it,it's delicious.i dont care what u of my favorite drinks baini :D

if u dont know what it is (roflz xDD),look at picture below. if only i know how to make one of these,i'd be drinking this delicious treat every single day.
err...actually,i know how to make too lazy xDDD

even fujimoto miki,my favorite singer loves it.a confirmation to the statement that great people have great taste. :D

.......looking at these pictures makes me thirsty pula.tapun,tapun... x_x

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

do you know who this guy is? answer no to that and i will label you as a caveman living in the remotest jungle on earth and wear leaves for clothing,who never heard of things like newspaper,radio or television.there :D

the king of pop died today due to cardiac arrest.he was 50.i am equally shocked and horrified about this fact.i want to say something sarcastic about his death but i a fan,i listen to his song everyday and this news really made me sad.

i was first introduced to mj by listening to a cassette tape (so ancient lol)the album Dangerous,i think? i was still a baby when it was released father brought it home one day.Black or White.have you ever heard of it? i would literally dance to it everytime it's on even though i have no clue what is it about xDDD that song got me definitely hooked to mj.literally,part of my childhood was listening to his songs.(and i still am :D !)

you will be remembered as one of the greatest performers of all've influenced many,and that includes me.a great loss indeed.

RIP Michael Jackson.

p/s: at least Billie Jean wont chase you around anymore,right?

Monday, June 22, 2009


FACT : i rarely recommend any songs to anyone
FACT :i'm about to :D

this is one of the songs that get stuck in your head very easily and i mean VERY.i've always loved the killers before but this song brought me to a whole new level of likeness (?) xDD

the lyrics make no sense whatsoever ...or do they? you decide xDD

if this song doesnt get you hooked with this band,i dont know what will.

It started with a low light
Next thing I knew they ripped me from my bed
And then they took my blood type
It left a strange impression in my head
You know that I was hoping
That I could leave this starcrossed world behind
But when they cut me open
I guess I changed my mind
And you know I might
Have just flown too far from the floor this time
Cause they calling me by my name
And the zipping white light beams
Disregarding the bombs and satellites

That was the turning point
That was one lonely night

The starmaker says it ain't so bad
The dreammaker's gonna make you mad
The spaceman says everybody look down!
It's all in your mind

Now I'm back at home and
I’m looking forward to this life I live
You know it's going to haunt me
So hesitation to this life I give
You think you might cross over
You're caught between the devil and the deep blue sea
You better look it over
Before you make that leap

And you know I'm fine, but I hear those voices at night
Sometimes, they justify my claim
And the public don’t dwell on my transmission
Cause It wasn’t televised

But it was the turning point
O what a lonely night

The starmaker says it ain't so bad
The dreammaker's gonna make you mad
The spaceman says everybody look down!
It's all in your mind

The starmaker says it ain't so bad
The dreammakers's gonna make you mad
The spaceman says everybody look down!
It's all in your mind

My global position systems are vocally addressed
They said the nile used to run from east to west
They said the nile used to run… from east to west

I'm fine,
but I hear those voices at night

The starmaker says it ain't so bad
The dreammaker's gonna make you mad
The spaceman says everybody look down!
It's all in your mind

The starmaker says it ain't so bad
The dreammaker's gonna make you mad
The spaceman says everybody look down!
It's all in your mind

It's all in my mind
It's all in my mind
It's all in my mind
It's all in my mind
It's all in my mind
It's all in my... mind

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I waited so long to wish you lol.Can't be the first so better be the last.Wish my jimui aka heng dai handsome forever.And most importantly may health and wealth always stay by your side... *hugs*

before u conclude to,i'm not dedicating this message to anyone. i received this SMS out of nowhere.few minutes before midnite.garu2 kepala after's not my birthday...moreover,jimui??? hengdai??? none of my friends call me that xDD definitely this person sent the message to the wrong number ; mine.kesian sama dia punya friend...never got to receive this birthday wish.some random guy pula yg tiba2 dapat...

i want to tell him he got the wrong number but my credit expired sudah at that time.not my fault.

Friday, June 19, 2009


i'm i stole this quiz.thank u cik nikola :D


1) Were you named after anyone?
probably after sly stallone...jk jk xD it was picked randomly by my father.

2) When was the last time you cried?
years ago.lupa sudah

3) Do you like your handwriting?
so so.not very fond of it but at least it's not doctor's handwriting :D

4) What is your favourite lunch meal?
anything affordable n delicious

5) Do you have kids?
nope...or do i? jeng jeng jeng~ xD

6) If you were another person, would you like to be friends with you?
i would avoid contact.sepa mao kwn xDD

7) Do you use sarcasm?
all the time.doesnt always work but who gives a fcuk :D

8) Do you still have your tonsils?
of course.

9) Would you bungee jump?
HELL YEAH! :D even though i'm acrophobic xDD

10) What is your favourite cereal?

11) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
mao cepat bhe...terus buka ja :D

12) What is your favourite ice–cream?
chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate

13) What is the first thing you notice about people?
eyes.the first thing i judge

14) Red or pink?
neither :S

15) What is the least favourite thing about yourself?
either my fugly face,my height,my impatience

16) Who do you miss the most?

17) Do you want everyone to complete this list?
suka hati :D tp got people ka? ?_?

18) What colour of trousers and shoes are your wearing?
black shorts,kaki ayam

19) What are you listening to right now?
Santana - Oye Como Va

20) If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
why would i want to be one? O_o but i'd choose white xD

21) Favourite smells
anything wangi xDD

22) The last person you talked to on the phone?
my ex-room mate.asking about permohonan kolej...kacau orang tidur saja >_>

23) Do you like the person who sent you this?
i guess

24) Favourite sports to watch?

25) Hair colour?

26) Eye colour?
brown i think...never really bothered about it xDD

27) Do you wear contacts?
no.i wear geeky spec T_T

28) Favourite food?
dunno xD

29) Scary or happy endings??
scary :D

30) Last movie you watched?
apa sudah nama dia tu aa...

31) What colour of shirt are you wearing?
white singlet saja xDD

32) Summer or winter?

33) Favourite dessert?
chocolate mousse

34) Most likely to respond?
dont know.didnt tag anybody

35) Least likely to respond?
kan saya ckp i didnt tag anybody >:|

36) What books are you reading?

37) What is on your mousepad?
no mousepad.improvise sendiri guna buku xDDD

38) What did you watch last night?
house md :D

39) Rolling Stones? Beatles?
a mixture of both.i do listen to old stuff you know xDD

40) Where is the furthest you have been from home?

41) Do you have a special talent?

42) Where were you born?

43) Whose answers are you looking forward to getting back?
haiya...i didnt tag anybody la...mao brp kali ckp x_x

44) Did you have a tough time answering to all the questions?
it's not exam material...why would i? xD

45) What's your favourite pass time?
wasting time :D

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


it all happened when i was browsing in cp pacific ngiu kee. i was holding a shirt that i like.mao beli sudah tu...then suddenly this sale assistant said "sila ikut jalan keluar sana.ada kebakaran sedang berlaku".alamak~ tiba2 all the door closed and everyone went out through the fire exit.quotes from some of the people during the exit...

"ada kebakaran!"
"cepat2 lari!"
"sesak nafas saya!"

cheih...melebih pula.i dont see any fire nor smoke.ada meh kebakaran? but i definitely dont want to stay inside to find out,so i become kuai2 and follow the instruction.

outside sudah,berhadapan dengan api2 many people evacuated...even got orang putih. i bet they're cursing about what's happening :D

i looked up.where's the fire?? where's the smoke?? MANA DIA???!! answer=mei you :O cheih.

but then people said "sana bah! sana bah! depan warisan!" all the sakai people went to rush there to have a look...i also went out of curiosity xDD

i see smoke but i dont see fire.

so many sakai people...

got 4 fire truck on the scene kalao nda silap.

i still see smoke...but where's the fire??? they keep spraying water towards something...definitely something that was not on fire or anything.i also saw several fireman taking pictures with their you should be working your ass off,saving lifes,put out the fire,instead you ambil gambar kenang2an pula.apala

then it came to me...rupa2nya fire drill saja.sensei tagal (my karate teacher last sem,who i met outside of cp) said it was.if i remember correctly,my mom also about this drill not too long ago.cheih~ apa la.kacau sy tengah mansau ansau saja.luckily i wasnt eating or watching movie at that time.nanti tengah siok2 terus kena halau keluar.mana siok.potong stim.i pity those who kena nasib mcm ni...

after 10 minutes,malas sudah mao tengok.since i cant enter cp,i went to kk plaza and wisma merdeka fire drill was conducted in either of the shopping complex at the time btw.

Tagged by Nicole.

Fact about the person you like,
- is there when i'm need

Who’s the most annoying person in your neighborhood?
- i barely even know my neighbors. xD

Name some lyrics from the song you’re listening to now?
- never say forever coz nothing last,dancing with the bones of my buried past.

what are your plans tomorrow?
- work work work...ada plan pun cannot execute.

Is there anyone you wish was still in your life?
- everyone's here and doing my answer is no. :D

Where is your father?
- at work.

Who were you last in a car with?
- forgot already...

What time did you get up this morning and why?
- 6.30am...terbiasa sudah.

Have you ever been to New York City?
- start spreadin the news~ i'm leavin today~ i want to be a part of it~ new york~ new york~

eh,terlebih sudah...nope,never been there...but i would love to.

would rain actually stop you from going somewhere or ruin your plans?
- unless i want to play in the rain or something,then my answer is yes.

Do you wear flip-flops during the winter?
- gila sudah ka...sejuknya tu...lagipun we dont have winter season here xDD

Do people say you have pretty eyes?
- my aunt says that a lot...but i think she's lying xD

What's your favorite kind of chocolate?
- the bitter one.dunno what it's called

Do you freak out if a bee/wasp flies near you?
-i just swat it out of the way.apa saja itu xD

Is your crushes name found anywhere in your room?
- if you look close enough ;) hahaha,jk.i'm not that obsessed.

If your friend is dating someone ugly, do you voice your opinion?
- i just keep it to's none of my business :D

Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a W?
- nope...rasanya la xD

Do you know anyone that smokes pot?
- yes...

What is the something you really want right now?
- go jalan2 in cp...which i'm about to do :D

Do you like being single?
- lalala

Do you like movie nights?
- definitely,especially if we're watching comedy or horror movies :D

Okay, who was the last person who held your hand?
- forgot already

Do you dance in the car?
- ada kereta begitu besar sampai bulih menari inside meh?

Your longest friend, and how long?
- probably c ....:D dunno.i cant pick one

What's your status on Facebook/MySpace say currently?
- hey~ mansau ansau oku~ :DD

What all has pissed you off today, if anything at all?
- nothing...yet.

When was the last time you couldn't stop laughing?
- when i was watching an episode of whose line is it anyway with david hasselhoff.good times :D

Which of your classes in school is most capable of killing a good mood for you?
- dunno...probably all.

Can you honestly say that at this point and time your happy with the way things are going in your life?
- i could ask for more xD but yeah,i'm happy :D

Have you ever thought you were in love, and then realized later on that your feelings weren't as strong as you had thought?
- definitely.had one not too long ago.btw it's called a "crush",not love :D

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
- lalala

Who was the last male you talked to on the phone?
- big boss

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months or more?
- *crosses fingers*

Are you mad at someone right now?
- i guess...nope. :D

Will you get married?
- maybe.itupun not confirm yet xD

Do you prefer to call or text?
- text.i dont like talking to people.lgpun much more cheaper to text :D

Do you have any siblings?
- yes

If someone liked you, would you want them to tell you?
- no.i prefer that person to keep it as a the saying goes,what you dont know cant hurt you xDD

You're thinking about someone, aren't you?
- fact,i'm thinking about you...whoever you are xD

Last awkward moment?
- forgot which event.

How many pairs of sneakers do you own?
- 4...i guess? including the one i just bought.

Your brother tells you he's in jail, what do you say?
- it's april's fool day,aint it?

Do you get along with girls?
- maybe,but i cant speak for myself xDD

Say your ex runs up to you and hugs you?
- once.only once."long time no see" punya kind of thing xD

If you could move to Africa would you?
- no thank you.i'm quite happy in sabah :D

Saturday, June 13, 2009


haiz,been offline for a few days now.busy with work,busy with graphic projects requested by my friends,busy with life,busy busy busy x_x

talk about graphics, i curi2 made myself a new banner for my blog.yeah,i think it's time to change it already.mcm sissy saja yg lama tu xDD

ngam bah ni kan? :D