Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

do you know who this guy is? answer no to that and i will label you as a caveman living in the remotest jungle on earth and wear leaves for clothing,who never heard of things like newspaper,radio or television.there :D

the king of pop died today due to cardiac arrest.he was 50.i am equally shocked and horrified about this fact.i want to say something sarcastic about his death but i a fan,i listen to his song everyday and this news really made me sad.

i was first introduced to mj by listening to a cassette tape (so ancient lol)the album Dangerous,i think? i was still a baby when it was released father brought it home one day.Black or White.have you ever heard of it? i would literally dance to it everytime it's on even though i have no clue what is it about xDDD that song got me definitely hooked to mj.literally,part of my childhood was listening to his songs.(and i still am :D !)

you will be remembered as one of the greatest performers of all've influenced many,and that includes me.a great loss indeed.

RIP Michael Jackson.

p/s: at least Billie Jean wont chase you around anymore,right?


  1. ya, R.I.P to MJ~

    actually, I'm not used to listen to MJ's song because he was not my feveret. But, when the David Cook (winner of American Idol 7) bing the song, Billie Jean, OMG.. I find it's cool song. Nice and Black n white by (Adam Lambert) also, cool.

    Anyway, MJ.. U r the king of pop.
    again R.I.P.

  2. the king of pop indeed.just to show that his songs are entertaining to anybody anywhere.
    a celebrity death never affect me this way.most of the time i'll just snort at the news.

    this is different.this is the man who influenced my life.i'm still sad by his death.