Wednesday, June 17, 2009


it all happened when i was browsing in cp pacific ngiu kee. i was holding a shirt that i like.mao beli sudah tu...then suddenly this sale assistant said "sila ikut jalan keluar sana.ada kebakaran sedang berlaku".alamak~ tiba2 all the door closed and everyone went out through the fire exit.quotes from some of the people during the exit...

"ada kebakaran!"
"cepat2 lari!"
"sesak nafas saya!"

cheih...melebih pula.i dont see any fire nor smoke.ada meh kebakaran? but i definitely dont want to stay inside to find out,so i become kuai2 and follow the instruction.

outside sudah,berhadapan dengan api2 many people evacuated...even got orang putih. i bet they're cursing about what's happening :D

i looked up.where's the fire?? where's the smoke?? MANA DIA???!! answer=mei you :O cheih.

but then people said "sana bah! sana bah! depan warisan!" all the sakai people went to rush there to have a look...i also went out of curiosity xDD

i see smoke but i dont see fire.

so many sakai people...

got 4 fire truck on the scene kalao nda silap.

i still see smoke...but where's the fire??? they keep spraying water towards something...definitely something that was not on fire or anything.i also saw several fireman taking pictures with their you should be working your ass off,saving lifes,put out the fire,instead you ambil gambar kenang2an pula.apala

then it came to me...rupa2nya fire drill saja.sensei tagal (my karate teacher last sem,who i met outside of cp) said it was.if i remember correctly,my mom also about this drill not too long ago.cheih~ apa la.kacau sy tengah mansau ansau saja.luckily i wasnt eating or watching movie at that time.nanti tengah siok2 terus kena halau keluar.mana siok.potong stim.i pity those who kena nasib mcm ni...

after 10 minutes,malas sudah mao tengok.since i cant enter cp,i went to kk plaza and wisma merdeka fire drill was conducted in either of the shopping complex at the time btw.


  1. ngahahhahhaha...nasib pigi 1b jak...nada pigi cp....ngahahhahaha.........imagine tgh tingu blood the last vamp....matai.......

  2. ada la ko beli baju yg ko mnat tu?
    bnyk gumpalan manusia sakai (termasuk sepa yg ambil gambar nie XDDD ... hehe kid'in)
    .... mcm prank besar2'an plak >.<

  3. Nasib baik saya ndak turun KK oooo..
    skit lg mau turun KK..
    esok baru turun KK..
    mau tinguk wayang..