Sunday, March 29, 2009

UMS Civil Engineering Night 2009

last nite i attended {look at the title} at hyatt hotel free ticket,what to do.hehehe :P the dinner is all about honoring students,mengeratkan hubungan bla bla bla...boring stuff :D
one thing is for sure many liang moi that night.not bad oo civil engineering's students. O_O


the food...hmm...that hotel got the best food in kk,they said to me...but,WTF! temberang sj.tasteless! food in shangrila is better x_x but since i didnt pay to go there (free ticket *wink* wink* ),makan sj la xDD only managed to eat a miniscule amount of food.i wasnt feeling very well that night...which explains why i went to the restroom so many times x_x

the perfomance by the students...bulih tahanla except for one band.dunno which year they're from.the singer trying to tiru axl rose punya suara but failed miserably xDD it's a good thing that we had better things to do other than listening to that horrible voice,like taking pictures :D

hmm...later i want to ask for all the pictures from all my coursemates.btw got 1 particular pic i cant wait to see.only me and xxx together in 1 pic....hehehe,mao kasi jeles sama kwn2 nanti :PP

table 10. :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mau kahwin sudah! :DD

first of all,not me xDD bkn sy oo xDD

i'm talking about my favorite singer,fujimoto miki.she's getting married in july :DD quoted from H!O....

Former Momusu Mikitty & Shouji Tomoharu
to Wed This Summer

On March 24th, it was announced that ex-Morning Musume leader Fujimoto Miki (24) and comedian Shouji Tomoharu from comedy duo Shinagawa Shouji will complete their 2-year-long relationship with a wedding in July. Currently they are scheduling the ceremony day and other necessities. Fujimoto's agency confirmed the wedding news for our publication.

The agency sent us a fax entitled "The Engagement Report". Within it, Fujimoto explains her joy about her engagement with Shouji, saying, "I'm really happy I met someone who helps me grow, and we really understand and support each other. I would be really happy if you could give us your warm support from now on."

Fujimoto plans to continue with her career, but will prioritize her family.

Furthermore, Shouji's agency published his comment. Being obviously very happy, Shouji said, "I've been captivated by Miki's kindness and straightforward personality, so I decided it's about time to seal this almost 2-year-long relationship with a wedding. From now on, we plan to clasp our hands and work hard towards reaching happiness together."

i'm pretty much in a mixed feeling rite now....but anywhoo,wish them happiness in their marriage later :D shouji,u lucky son of a bitch x_x

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Hate You

I HATE YOU VERY VERY MUCH.that's a fact.

first of all,jgn sepa2 terasa aa.nothing to worry about,unless you're "you",the one i want to talk about.err,who is this "you" ?

my camera image not very clear but in the screen it says "5 missed call"

he/she/it has been bothering me for a few weeks nw with missed calls who wouldnt even tell his/her/its identity.i ask but no reply.yeah,i can imagine u would say...

"miss call sj bah.apa jua tu"
"you're overreacting"
"ignore it"

easy for study schedule has been messed up because i cant concentrate well because kena kacau ja.furthermore,i havent had enough sleep because of this "you".imagine la,he/she/it even misscall me when it's 3/4am.waking up every morning afraid of an emergency just to discover it's a

10 times a day,7 days a week.jz imagine.turn off hp pun cannot because i've been using this hp for family purposes.the most i can do is silent-mode-kan (xDD) my hp.haiz x_x

so if "you" are reading this,i have something to say to u.




yeah,i know number 1 is more likely ( close to 99.99999999999% )than the latter but perasan sekejap pun nda boleh meh? xDDD

aaaa~ that felt a lot better :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Green Tea

yesterday kan,either the gods must b crazy or i'm pretty damn lucky xDD u see,my friend...err,let's call her "green tea" shall we :D ?

why "green tea"? my blog,aku punya suka la.wanna fight about it? >D

u see,she got a car already man! wahh,didnt tell me earlier aa...diam2 sendiri ja xDD yesterday,dia dgn segala baik hatinya menumpang all of us back to our hostel.untung oo,finally got de chance to hv her become a driver.xBBB

she said she's not a very good driver tp ok ja pun.oya, i heard there's a bigger car coming her way.this car only for temporary use only.hmm,bigger car means can bring extra passengers la kan? hehehehehe....*wink wink nudge nudge* xBBB

of course la cover the plate number.want me kena saman meh? >_>

anyway,thx for the ride yesterday...n for the many rides to come xDD bulih bah kan? bulih bah kan? can bah kalo "green tea" xDD
before i forget,did i ever tell u that "green tea" is one of the most beautiful n smartest person i've ever seen? it's true,it's true.betul betul betul. :DD
yala bah,mo ambil hati driver kan.kekeke xDDD

anonymous driver in action.

gone are the days where i have to ride a bus to lecture n back! skrg can choose sdh either tumpang my roommate's car or green-tea's.yes! :D

........hopefully.jz kidding aa. xDD

Friday, March 13, 2009


it's friday de 13th.did u remember to wake up on the right side of de bed? kiss a horse shoe? avoid black cats? or sprinkle salt over ur shoulder? cause if u didnt,i can only imagine how bad ur day was xDD
yeah,speak for myself.i didn't too +_+

anyway,rite nw i'm totally sakit hati >_> u see,hw would u feel if ur date ask u out to...let's say...a dinner at a fancy restaurant.u dressed up in ur best attire n prepared everything jz for this occasion.u arrived early at the venue,excited and all.u waited for 10 minutes...she's havent arrived.u tolerate n waited some more.30 minutes n still not here.u got a msg or a phonecall suddenly saying that she cant come.WTF!

de same thing happened to me...except the date,the dinner part,dressed in my best attire part,excited part xDDD actually,nw in library bah ni.i went to library for KPO group discussion n i saw 1 girl from group sitting,playing with her laptop.she said "cancel bah discussion ni ari,nda tau ka?" n i said "cilakak!" x_x turns out the discussion was cancelled.everybody knows but nobody seems to bother sms-ing me earlier.aih
see how relevant my metaphor is? sama kan? sama kan? :D

luckily i saw something interesting.hina doll exhibition in de library :D u know hina doll? specially made dolls for hinamatsuri ,japanese doll festival ( look inside wikipedia n u'll know xDD) .u see,first time i see these dolls face 2 face(aiseh xBBB) .waah,quite beautifully pun apa lagi...mcm urg sakai ambil2 gambar until the leng zhai yg jaga booth tu pun heran2 xDDD

some of my favorite hina dolls:
the emperor,the archer n the....err,dunno. xDD

that guy yg jaga that booth said something about japanese cultural night tomorrow from 7pm in dewan cosplay,bon odori n martial arts exhibition among many game some more.watever.i'm in :D yes! misti pigi tu ! xDD

looking forward to tomorrow.cant wait :DDD

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sabahan :D

i did this sabahan survey waaaay back in friendster before but i just felt like doing it again.enjoy reading xDD

picture unrelated xDD


1. sepa bha nama ko ni ondu?
→ sylvester bah gaman :)

2. nama btul ko bha bkn nama purak2?
→onoboh...butul la bah tu.ko mo sy bagi nama apa lagi.michael jackson? yutaka takenouchi? o_O

3. ooO jd ko rasa ko semat la tu?
→hehehe...apa bulih buat kan :P

4. ko tia jalan2 hari ni ka?
→nada.aiso tusin ku T_T

5. jadi kalau ko tia jalan apa la ko bikin?
→sms,tidur,tgk tv,chatting,surf lagi ko mo? xDDD

6. sia tau ko suka sama 1 urg? ko c'tau dulu kami sepa urg 2?
→atukoi.mulau sdh c kwn.ko ingat sy mo kestau meh? o_o

7. kenapa bha ko suka sama itu urg?
→dui~ suka ati la bah.ko jeles ka ni? xDD

8. ko rasa ko pndai main guli ka?
→ tia pandai.cuma pandai kumpul byk2 time kici2 dulu lps tu kasi masuk akuarium xDD

9.klu ada urg ckp ko tia pndai main guli? mcm na?
→sdh mmg nda pandai.yg butul bah.kasi biar ja la,takkan mo gaduh o_o

10.ko pandai men gata?
→pandaaaaaaaaaaaaai bhe xBBB suma tondu pun kalah sama sy time dulu2 xDD

11.ko suka masa dulu2 ka atau masa sikarang?
→ mana ja. xDD

12.klu ko kena kasi jd terer/bebakat? ko mo jd apa la kunu?
→ apa2 ja...yg penting bkn ko xDD

13.klu tu urg tinguk2 ko? pa la ko buat?
→ kalo tondu...
mistila sy tingu balik lepas tu ckp...

ii sai bogia ngaran nu~♪
sumandak kod talawa~♪

ngahahaha.terlebih sdh xDD

→kalo kusai...
tia pyh la.trus sy lari jauh2 >_>

14.sepa urg yg paling butul2 ko mau?
→uih,biar butul ko ni gaman o_o mogumu eh...sampai bisuk pagi pun nda siap tulis oo xDD

15.ko suka pigi centre point ka?
→sukaaaaaaaa bhe.hey~~♪ mansau ansau oku~~♪ xB

16.ko mo urg mcm mana?
→nada pula aku kasi yg penting bkn ko xBBB

17.klu ada urg ckp 'eyan abar ko seh'?
→nunu??? ko ckp kotor sm sy ka ni? ?_?

18. ko ni sabahan?
→nda la...dr saaaana amerika aku ni gaman xdD

19.ko tau ka tu lagu 'mogium kalabau'?
→errr...justin stimol punya lagu tu kan? ?_? mcm pernah dgr

20.ko kanal ba kan c ampal?
→ tau ka gaman (nda mo tau pun sy kestau juga xDD),sy byk kali sdh jumpa dia d tgh jln loh xDD

21.Apa 'i love you ' kalau dusun ondu?
→muhang oku dika.sanang punya soalan :P

22.apa yang ko tia suka?
→pun terlampau byk jua tp apa guna sy kestau ko.ko peduli juga meh? ha?

23.klu sia suka sama ko? ko mo ka?
→aih,buat apa...tia mo la O_o

24.napa ko tia mo?/mo?
→aku kanal pun nda,buat apa mo ko O_o biar la matahari muncul tgh malam pun,tatap tia mo xDDD

25.jd ko rasa ko kasi main sia la nie kan?
→lalalalalala :P


wow, i managed to insert some of kadazandusun words n songs that i know in there xDD
not bad...since i know veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery little about that language. n i call myself a dusun boy...pffft >_>

if anyone read this,i dare u to take this survey >D answer with sabah-ish malay only btw xDD