Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ushering 2009

i really cant tolerate my neighbor singing michael learns to rock songs.for the love of god n everything good, ushering the coming of 2009 doesnt justify the act of destroying my ears.malam2 mo bising lg...haiya~ x_x nobody online in my msn list.usually at dis time,at least 7-8 ppl online.probably got something better to do,like pg party or something like stuck d rumah sj oo T_T

anyway,skrg still many bad n sad things happened this year,so little good events to cover it up xD still,i wouldnt say it's a bad year.learnt so many things,mature a little bit (ngahahaha xD) ,so many "there's a first time for everything" event occured...overall,interesting xD

i would like to wish my frens myself a happy new year i.hopefully many good things lies ahead. :)

11.50pm now...n my neighbor punya singing makin kuat tukar pg westlife sdh...somebody help me x_x.

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Extra" Holiday

should b back in ums 2day but de feeling of "pemalas" inside me came out again + kena hasut2 some more + so many ppl havent come back yet. so,wat 2 do..."ter"extend cuti until 3rd or 4th Jan loh....ngahahaha xD.beside,29th Dec n 1st Jan alang2 add sendiri cuti la.ngehehe .like i always did in labuan :P

but there's a rumour going around dat school will only start at 7th Jan. hmm,if true kan,i would like 2 say...


err...i think + hope that it is true...kan informer-who-gave-me-this-news? kan? of course true kan? must be true kan? O____O

Please~ No class~ No class~ No class

eeeih,but sdh ponteng oo.must take the consequences.cant do anything juga if got class or not.hmm,i might as well enjoy my extra need to think to much la :PP

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Errr...newbie? :D

1st of the many things i'm not good at o_o

this is my second blog [first one di saaaaaana friendster].i blog mainly for random stuff about what i think n stuff that happens in my life.probably interesting,probably call the shots.

err....wat else to say aa? ?_?
cheih,enough need to paksa2.

welcome to taragang saru' blog. :)

p/s: taragang saru literally means red monkey btw xDD