Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year Resolution Baini.

A New Year resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a personal goal, project, or the reforming of a habit (copy dari Wikipedia baini). It's only the 9th of January, so I guess it is still acceptable to post about New Year resolution. Right?

To start off, New Year resolution and me doesn't get along too well. You know the drill. You hear your conscious mind, with the lemah-lembut voice talking to you. CONVINCING you to turn a new leaf this new year, give up all your bad habits and be a better person. All with the semangat "SAYA BOLEH!!!!", echoing all over the room.

But seriously,who am I kidding? These so called resolutions doesn't last long. It exist in words and thoughts, but will never manifest in actions. There are however, exceptions.

Some people do follow up to their resolutions. These species of people in general are known as Manusiayangtidakwujud Sapiens [citation needed]. Should you see them bragging, it is always okay to throw rocks at them. Pedulilah, siapa suruh diurang tembirang-tembirang.

Saya mengaku, I never did and never will follow through with my new year's resolution for as long as I live. Even if I try to,the outcome will be the opposite from the one I desire. Therefore, this year I want to do something different. My resolutions are as follows.

Instead of losing 10kg, go on a diet and become slim again,
I resolute to gain more weight, eat whatever I want and become as bulat as I can. For all I know,the beliaus always say "Nampak lebih sihat bah kalau gemuk".

Instead of studying more and get better results,
I want to learn DotA (some people still find it hard to believe that I don't know a thing about this game!) and get horrible results,that will certainly make any lecturer cries.

Instead of berjimat cermat more this year,
I want to spend like there's no tomorrow,buy things I'll never use and unavoidably, get used to eating Maggi everyday.

Any question? Good. Happy New Year 2011 y'all. :)

On a different note, my next post will be about this.