Friday, February 27, 2009


yeah,i dunno wat to give the title for this a problem with that? >D

anyways,i just went to Kempen Derma Darah Mega UMS to donate my blood for de 2nd time since KML.i went alone bw.i want to ask some of my fren but all of them pandai give alasan only.scared la,sy kurus nda cukup darah,busy,my blood is 4 my own body only.
one word for them.SISSY :D

it was quite a crowd when i arrived at dewan many ppl there,but only some donated their blood.the others,tukang kasi kawan sj xD then the usual checkup.weight check,blood pressure check,,dunno hw to spell.yg penting ada globin la xDD quite surprised that so many ppl got rejected as a donor .nda cukup makan kali o_o

i got the package n waited in the line.A LOOOONG LINE.can u imagine,so sempit bah tu bilik.can only fit about 20 ppl at a time.cheih,i still remember got one medic student got from one dewan kuliah to the other to promote this event.come ramai2 she said.wat's the point to have many ppl but not enough space for them? haiya x_x

siap derma darah,i went back n got some freebies.soya bean~ soya bean~ soya bean~ i love u~ wohooo~ :D (look at pic below xDD)

my 2 cents about this event?
1. the thought about helping other ppl is good n since i'm type O...universal donor oo.very useful bhe my blood xDD
2. i still get goosebump looking at de big needle that they use to "tarik" ur blood out x_x
3. next time,must go there early to get free the time i got there,newspaper finish sdh.kempunan :'(
4.i met someone here...somebody very familiar but i cant remember.i'll cover that in my next blog post...maybe xDDD

errr...akhir kata (aiseh xDD),derma la darah 3 bulan skali.good for ur body n u can help ppl at de same time.wat more can u ask? xDD

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We All Have Secrets

"I have a secret,
Mine alone that no one else should know..."

yeah,so much for the grand opening x_x .have u ever heard of PostSecret? u see,PostSecret is an ongoing community art project created by Frank Warren where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. write ur secret on a postcard n post it.handy :D every sunday,few chosen postcards will be shown on the website.

i definitely enjoy reading all the postcard posted.i've seen secrets like who-stole-ur-cookie-type to a more serious type like love problems,traumatic childhood,suicidal and many more. some of which i can relate to myself xD.

here are some of my favorite "secrets". maybe i should send one of my secrets in a postcard sometimes and spill it out.all of them xDD

check it out sometimes :DDD

-all of the postcards are not made by me.credits to the original writer.
-postcards are taken from postsecret website.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Blog xD

soo...welcome to my new blog~ :D

. . . . .
. . . .
. . .
. .

ok,so maybe mcm there's nothing new since i exported all my old post,what's new?

1.of course de url change already.cant notice it?
(one got dash,one got no dash.nampak ka? xDDD )

new header :D


err...other than that,i guess nothing changed o_o .oya,all my previous comment cant be transferred here...cilakak punya blogger editor >_> .
haiz,biarla tu.anyway,hope u enjoy reading my blog :D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Great Mystery

yesterday,it was raining heavily.kalo nda silap,from the night before lg.i tell u,it's very very cold.all my clothes pun nda sempat kering lg x_x anyway,what is the great mystery u say?

u see,these things happen everytime it rains.i'm not talking about something like hujan renyai2 or hujan yg biasa.when it's raining cats n dogs.terlalu lebat punya.aa,something like dat xDD

ok la...enough of dat.these are things dat happens to me when it's still a mystery to me...

i get headaches... back hurts x_x...

...n i overslept Z_Z

WHY??? WHY ??? WHY????!!!!!!!!!

kekeke,kena tipu sdh xDDD .hahahaha....ok la.not so much of a mystery kan.everybody experience these things i bet xDD
(i dont know what to blog,so i wrote this....thing.wanna fight about it ? >D )