Friday, February 27, 2009


yeah,i dunno wat to give the title for this a problem with that? >D

anyways,i just went to Kempen Derma Darah Mega UMS to donate my blood for de 2nd time since KML.i went alone bw.i want to ask some of my fren but all of them pandai give alasan only.scared la,sy kurus nda cukup darah,busy,my blood is 4 my own body only.
one word for them.SISSY :D

it was quite a crowd when i arrived at dewan many ppl there,but only some donated their blood.the others,tukang kasi kawan sj xD then the usual checkup.weight check,blood pressure check,,dunno hw to spell.yg penting ada globin la xDD quite surprised that so many ppl got rejected as a donor .nda cukup makan kali o_o

i got the package n waited in the line.A LOOOONG LINE.can u imagine,so sempit bah tu bilik.can only fit about 20 ppl at a time.cheih,i still remember got one medic student got from one dewan kuliah to the other to promote this event.come ramai2 she said.wat's the point to have many ppl but not enough space for them? haiya x_x

siap derma darah,i went back n got some freebies.soya bean~ soya bean~ soya bean~ i love u~ wohooo~ :D (look at pic below xDD)

my 2 cents about this event?
1. the thought about helping other ppl is good n since i'm type O...universal donor oo.very useful bhe my blood xDD
2. i still get goosebump looking at de big needle that they use to "tarik" ur blood out x_x
3. next time,must go there early to get free the time i got there,newspaper finish sdh.kempunan :'(
4.i met someone here...somebody very familiar but i cant remember.i'll cover that in my next blog post...maybe xDDD

errr...akhir kata (aiseh xDD),derma la darah 3 bulan skali.good for ur body n u can help ppl at de same time.wat more can u ask? xDD


  1. Wa, i think you go donate late ady la..
    Me and my friend go on the very first day, but we go around 6.30 to 7 something la. So we got the newspaper.
    That time i go also got people kena reject cos tak cukup darah, but you can't blame them ma. They are girls, but if a guy say like that i think i also will say "sissy." But i din get the soya bean wo.. They give me MILO packet drinks and TIGER "biskuat", so i kuat ady lo now..ALso got free one book eh..

  2. hahahhahaa....nah....i mmg dont like derma darah...coz my mum said...once derma darah...then...mesti derma suda...
    ya ka?something like dat la..... XDXD

  3. @mani
    ngahaha.i came at de very last day,somewhere between 5.15pm.dat's y no newspaper T_T .n then at 7,pg karate lg xD.sdh la teda makan dr pagi.u imagine...
    low blood+no makan+karate= x_x

    haaa??? paitu??? ada meh? O_o
    next time u go also la.bkn ada pa2 juga xDD.i heard at august kempen derma darah mega-2.nah~~ xBBBB

  4. sly derma darah ?
    hahaha....gud for health derma darah

  5. nah...i dont matter how u tarik aka paksa i will NOT go to derma darah...ngahahahah!!! muahahaha!!!