Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm a good uncle xDD

this year like any other year,we celebrate cny in kuala penyu.quite much like last year,not really the best cny i ever had. for me,all the fun cny was when i was still budak2.time kici2 xDD.

eerr,dont really hv anything to say about cny really...except 1 thing.about my nephew! so tired taking care of him x_x slalu bawa main.most of the time kan,he runs around n outside de house.uncle dia ni kan tua sdh,mana la larat sdh mo buat suma terpaksa juga x_x (19 consider old bah kan? xDD)

but i guess it's all good.did enjoyed it walaupun exhausted.n i mean VERY x_x after all the time spent with him,i can conclude three things. nephew bulih kira cute juga la xDDD
2.i'm a good uncle
(wei~ sy nda pernah marah dia oo walaupun nakal.lgpun,slalu ikut main sama much good can u be? xBBB)
3.i'm not ready to be a father anytime soon x_x
(jaga budak mcm ni pun exhausted already,want to take care anak sendiri lg? jgn cari psl.. x_x)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

From Monday until Saturday

i want 2 write sumthin. i want to babble about sumthin. i know,i want to write why i'm sad :D

then again,no la xDD.hmm,write about something like "my week in a summary" lagi bagus. ngahaha~ xD
let's start :D

12 Jan 2009
woke up early 2day for lukisan kejuruteraan awam class. one of my main concern for dat class is the prof. garang kena,cheih! manada garang pun! solomon,u gave me de wrong info x_x very nice person bah dia xB
jz one problem...dia punya accent kan,sengsara mo dgr oo.he speaks english,indian style. jz imagine x_x de same problem we hv with prof rao last sem xDDD

13 Jan 2009
it rained heavily early in de morning. perfect for modop xDD but got test some more x_x . tp kan,sap sap soi ja :P i got 9.5/10 .haiz,tp nda kena kira pula tu mark.jz for warming up ja rupanya >_> after dat,hubungan etnik class. the lecturer talked about his youth,university life etc etc.none of which i'm interested in.
dat night got karate class.finally~! :DD have to revise back all de move x_x

14th Jan 2009
KPO class at very pissed off. apa punya ums oo . u see,de class is held at dk 8 but apparently the guard forgot to unlock the damn door.had to wait outside for 40 minutes or so,then baru dpt masuk. the lecture is funny tp kan,when he started to explain the terms, his words worked like a sleeping pill.very ngantuk x_xoya,i saw somebody in dis class.she looks,teda la xDDD
dat night got karate again.learnt bassai dai kata >D

15 Jan 2009
missed my math tutorial x_x dat night got mandarin class.treated like school children bhe suma urg. sebut yi,er, san,si,wu,liu,qi etc ramai2.learn all de basic things,de strokes bla bla bla leceh >_>

16 Jan 2009
math lecture in de morning.dr rachel a bit grumpy because dia ada demam bilangnya.btw,she psychoed me to drop dis x_x after dat class,got lukisan kejuruteraan awam lab.have to draw some kind of roof.surprisingly,i finished very early o_o 3.45pm already done (the class is from 10.30am to 5pm btw xD ) tp kan,sengaja lambat2 htr. padam sana sikit,kasi kemas sikit,tgk2 urg n wait until the lecturer went out. after he's out from de class,cepat2 taruh de drawing d atas meja dia n ciao. xDDD

17 Jan 2009
fcuk u,saturday.i hate dis day.something sad+bad happened. i dont want to elaborate more.went back home at 10am n online puas2 to forget about dat stupid thing.if only de forgetting part was easier...
btw i planned to go to pesta ang pow ums 2day but no fren+no ticket. not dat i care.
i ended my saturday feeling very sad.

the sun'll come out tomorrow...hopefully.

I'm not okay

i'm sad.

Sylvester JP.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My New Family Member

jz woke up this morning n suddenly something happened...punya men terkejut bila sy tgk keluar dr pintu rumah n i saw this...


turns out that my big boss brought it home early this morning. my big boss' boss gave it to him. why she did that, i have no idea.hmm,it's been a long time since we had a pet dog.if i'm not mistaken,time sy darjah 4 lg.after that, no more pets except for 1,2 goldfish n a tortoise (sdh kasi lepas d prince philip park,tg aru xDD ).

my mum doesnt know about this yet,rasanya...when she knows,mmg mengamuk la ni xD you see,she's not really into pets.bikin byk kerja ja,she said xDD.luckily, this dog will only stay with us until the 24th.after that,hantar pg kampung d kuala penyu.our way of giving a present for the relatives for CNY xDD

like it or not,this dog will stay with us for a while. luckily not me yg kena jaga because sy d ums.ngahahaha~ xDD i wonder what name is appropriate for it?

p/s: father ni least kasi letak la tu tasu outside the house >__>

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Everybody lies.

EVERYBODY LIES.lying is defined as the act of deviating from the truth or simply,when someone doesnt tell the truth or makes up something.

EVERYBODY LIES.everybody do it for a reason,or reasons for that matter.
people lie out of fear.
people lie to impress others.
people lie to cover their weaknesses.
people lie to protect themselves.
people lie to protect others.
people lie because they assume a lot.
people lie just for the sake of it.

EVERYBODY LIES. lies can make us feel better, lies can make others sad, lies can make it and even break's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies.the only variable is about what?

EVERYBODY LIES. live with it. however,lies are not always bad because most of the times, truth start in lies.


yeah,i've been watching House MD a lot lately.i wrote this one oo! xDD.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

3rd Jan 2009

3rd day of 2009. 2day the last day i went helping at the kedai makan.tired after 4 days straight serving kon loh mee from morning until 3pm.i tell u,the next time i'm seeing a plate of kon loh mee,it will be too soon.everyday tgk kon loh mee muntah sdh x_x

2day is also the last day of my semester break. tomorrow need to go back to ums sdh.haiya~ need to adjust back my sleep schedule, need to adjust back to study (bluek~ kununla xD ), need to be ready to rebut2 naik bas, need to tidy up my room, need to....byk benda la.
need to back to dis room... T_T

hmm,packing pun tomorrow morning also can,bknnya byk barang juga.i wonder if all my roommate balik sana sdh.if they do,misti play dota 24 hour tu [game yg bikin kacau ja >_>] anyway,tomorrow balik ums.bye2 tanjung aru. :'(

btw kan,i found several interesting new pics from fujimoto miki oo,my favorite singer.

it's been a long time since i saw her new pics,so i'm really glad. :DDD

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 in memories...err, pictures. xD

2008 just ended matter how i look at it,2008 was many memories embedded.ada sikit2 kena ambil gambar are some of my favorite pictures from 2008.

2009,i'm expecting a lot from u.dont let me down xDDD