Sunday, January 11, 2009

My New Family Member

jz woke up this morning n suddenly something happened...punya men terkejut bila sy tgk keluar dr pintu rumah n i saw this...


turns out that my big boss brought it home early this morning. my big boss' boss gave it to him. why she did that, i have no idea.hmm,it's been a long time since we had a pet dog.if i'm not mistaken,time sy darjah 4 lg.after that, no more pets except for 1,2 goldfish n a tortoise (sdh kasi lepas d prince philip park,tg aru xDD ).

my mum doesnt know about this yet,rasanya...when she knows,mmg mengamuk la ni xD you see,she's not really into pets.bikin byk kerja ja,she said xDD.luckily, this dog will only stay with us until the 24th.after that,hantar pg kampung d kuala penyu.our way of giving a present for the relatives for CNY xDD

like it or not,this dog will stay with us for a while. luckily not me yg kena jaga because sy d ums.ngahahaha~ xDD i wonder what name is appropriate for it?

p/s: father ni least kasi letak la tu tasu outside the house >__>

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