Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm a good uncle xDD

this year like any other year,we celebrate cny in kuala penyu.quite much like last year,not really the best cny i ever had. for me,all the fun cny was when i was still budak2.time kici2 xDD.

eerr,dont really hv anything to say about cny really...except 1 thing.about my nephew! so tired taking care of him x_x slalu bawa main.most of the time kan,he runs around n outside de house.uncle dia ni kan tua sdh,mana la larat sdh mo buat suma terpaksa juga x_x (19 consider old bah kan? xDD)

but i guess it's all good.did enjoyed it walaupun exhausted.n i mean VERY x_x after all the time spent with him,i can conclude three things. nephew bulih kira cute juga la xDDD
2.i'm a good uncle
(wei~ sy nda pernah marah dia oo walaupun nakal.lgpun,slalu ikut main sama much good can u be? xBBB)
3.i'm not ready to be a father anytime soon x_x
(jaga budak mcm ni pun exhausted already,want to take care anak sendiri lg? jgn cari psl.. x_x)

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