Saturday, January 3, 2009

3rd Jan 2009

3rd day of 2009. 2day the last day i went helping at the kedai makan.tired after 4 days straight serving kon loh mee from morning until 3pm.i tell u,the next time i'm seeing a plate of kon loh mee,it will be too soon.everyday tgk kon loh mee muntah sdh x_x

2day is also the last day of my semester break. tomorrow need to go back to ums sdh.haiya~ need to adjust back my sleep schedule, need to adjust back to study (bluek~ kununla xD ), need to be ready to rebut2 naik bas, need to tidy up my room, need to....byk benda la.
need to back to dis room... T_T

hmm,packing pun tomorrow morning also can,bknnya byk barang juga.i wonder if all my roommate balik sana sdh.if they do,misti play dota 24 hour tu [game yg bikin kacau ja >_>] anyway,tomorrow balik ums.bye2 tanjung aru. :'(

btw kan,i found several interesting new pics from fujimoto miki oo,my favorite singer.

it's been a long time since i saw her new pics,so i'm really glad. :DDD

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