Friday, May 29, 2009

Chibi Maruko Chan

i was once told that there are many weird people,weird things and can generally divide the world into 2 type : the weird and the super weird.thank you very much for clarifying to me,all you Captain Obviouses :)

i was reading one of my fav singer blog post.apparently,her mother gave her a gift,and it has chibi maruko chan characters all over cute,i said to myself but wtf is it?

a sketchbook perhaps? comic? random poster?

care to take a guess?

but then i saw this word.


hey,i'm no genius in reading japanese (the blog is in japanese btw),but if i remember correctly...

トイレットペパ =

Toirettopepa = Toilet paper

Toilet paper =
...(well,you know what it is used for xDD)

impressive...and super-duper weird o_o first of all,why would these manufactures want to decorate a roll of toilet paper? at the end of the day (or "business"... xD) you would "color" it to your preference xDD and throw it into the bowl without even give it a second look xP i know i would.

secondly,why would the mangaka approve something like this? to say with pride that his characters are used to wipe asses? mind boggling,it is o_o

but who gives a damn.i'd buy it if i see it anywhere in the supermarket :D it's weird and utterly used only for one main purpose,but i love weird things :D

chibi maruko chan toilet paper ; 100 points for creativity,1000 points for weirdness :D

pictures are from Fujimoto Miki official blog

Friday, May 22, 2009

Abandon's been a long time since i wrote anything for my blog.too many things happened around,all of which are worth blogging but being a lazy ass,malas la mao tulis xDD

my lovely yuanfen,my fond memories of my ums life,my new hair color,my changes,my pet dogs,how i almost break down because of certain issues and so on...i consider my blog as my diary and i should put these on my blogs a few days or even weeks ago but i always said "nanti la tulis".i guess i procrastinate about everything,whether it's study-related or not.old habit la katakan xDD

eh,enough of that.let's talk about something else.right now i cant stop listening to Lovebug by Jonas Brothers.this song is kinda ok i guess and somehow i can relate to this song xDDD
BUT (a big "but" at that xDD) that still doesnt change the fact that i detest them :D


my first post after 3 xDD tomorrow write something lg...but NAAANTILAH tu xP

Sunday, May 3, 2009


fact:my favorite drinks are as follows
1. kitchai ping
3.soya bean

recently i bought this...season's soy bean drink.quiet surprised bcoz i'm never seen this one soy bean???slalunya warna kuning o_o it says "kurang manis" on the can.

and so i picked it up...

gave it a long stare..."apa tgk2??! mao kena minum ka?"

kita minum dulu~ xD

yeah,im bored...teda kerja sdh kan. just want to release my tension after study xDD