Friday, May 22, 2009

Abandon's been a long time since i wrote anything for my blog.too many things happened around,all of which are worth blogging but being a lazy ass,malas la mao tulis xDD

my lovely yuanfen,my fond memories of my ums life,my new hair color,my changes,my pet dogs,how i almost break down because of certain issues and so on...i consider my blog as my diary and i should put these on my blogs a few days or even weeks ago but i always said "nanti la tulis".i guess i procrastinate about everything,whether it's study-related or not.old habit la katakan xDD

eh,enough of that.let's talk about something else.right now i cant stop listening to Lovebug by Jonas Brothers.this song is kinda ok i guess and somehow i can relate to this song xDDD
BUT (a big "but" at that xDD) that still doesnt change the fact that i detest them :D


my first post after 3 xDD tomorrow write something lg...but NAAANTILAH tu xP

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