Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Great Mystery

yesterday,it was raining heavily.kalo nda silap,from the night before lg.i tell u,it's very very cold.all my clothes pun nda sempat kering lg x_x anyway,what is the great mystery u say?

u see,these things happen everytime it rains.i'm not talking about something like hujan renyai2 or hujan yg biasa.when it's raining cats n dogs.terlalu lebat punya.aa,something like dat xDD

ok la...enough of dat.these are things dat happens to me when it's still a mystery to me...

i get headaches... back hurts x_x...

...n i overslept Z_Z

WHY??? WHY ??? WHY????!!!!!!!!!

kekeke,kena tipu sdh xDDD .hahahaha....ok la.not so much of a mystery kan.everybody experience these things i bet xDD
(i dont know what to blog,so i wrote this....thing.wanna fight about it ? >D )


  1. i'm a dead ,thought got some kinda mystery but seems like been cheated ady..T.T