Sunday, March 29, 2009

UMS Civil Engineering Night 2009

last nite i attended {look at the title} at hyatt hotel free ticket,what to do.hehehe :P the dinner is all about honoring students,mengeratkan hubungan bla bla bla...boring stuff :D
one thing is for sure many liang moi that night.not bad oo civil engineering's students. O_O


the food...hmm...that hotel got the best food in kk,they said to me...but,WTF! temberang sj.tasteless! food in shangrila is better x_x but since i didnt pay to go there (free ticket *wink* wink* ),makan sj la xDD only managed to eat a miniscule amount of food.i wasnt feeling very well that night...which explains why i went to the restroom so many times x_x

the perfomance by the students...bulih tahanla except for one band.dunno which year they're from.the singer trying to tiru axl rose punya suara but failed miserably xDD it's a good thing that we had better things to do other than listening to that horrible voice,like taking pictures :D

hmm...later i want to ask for all the pictures from all my coursemates.btw got 1 particular pic i cant wait to see.only me and xxx together in 1 pic....hehehe,mao kasi jeles sama kwn2 nanti :PP

table 10. :D