Friday, March 13, 2009


it's friday de 13th.did u remember to wake up on the right side of de bed? kiss a horse shoe? avoid black cats? or sprinkle salt over ur shoulder? cause if u didnt,i can only imagine how bad ur day was xDD
yeah,speak for myself.i didn't too +_+

anyway,rite nw i'm totally sakit hati >_> u see,hw would u feel if ur date ask u out to...let's say...a dinner at a fancy restaurant.u dressed up in ur best attire n prepared everything jz for this occasion.u arrived early at the venue,excited and all.u waited for 10 minutes...she's havent arrived.u tolerate n waited some more.30 minutes n still not here.u got a msg or a phonecall suddenly saying that she cant come.WTF!

de same thing happened to me...except the date,the dinner part,dressed in my best attire part,excited part xDDD actually,nw in library bah ni.i went to library for KPO group discussion n i saw 1 girl from group sitting,playing with her laptop.she said "cancel bah discussion ni ari,nda tau ka?" n i said "cilakak!" x_x turns out the discussion was cancelled.everybody knows but nobody seems to bother sms-ing me earlier.aih
see how relevant my metaphor is? sama kan? sama kan? :D

luckily i saw something interesting.hina doll exhibition in de library :D u know hina doll? specially made dolls for hinamatsuri ,japanese doll festival ( look inside wikipedia n u'll know xDD) .u see,first time i see these dolls face 2 face(aiseh xBBB) .waah,quite beautifully pun apa lagi...mcm urg sakai ambil2 gambar until the leng zhai yg jaga booth tu pun heran2 xDDD

some of my favorite hina dolls:
the emperor,the archer n the....err,dunno. xDD

that guy yg jaga that booth said something about japanese cultural night tomorrow from 7pm in dewan cosplay,bon odori n martial arts exhibition among many game some more.watever.i'm in :D yes! misti pigi tu ! xDD

looking forward to tomorrow.cant wait :DDD


  1. did u pigi? i want go also...but no dorang tarik keluar...haish...biarla...

  2. kesian si taragang...
    tapi masih boleh bergambar , cukup la kan..
    Rasanya diorang terlupe kot yang kamu ade hand phone atau pun terlupa nombor kamu..

  3. @anonymous
    didnt go.gerai durg sikit ja. xDD

    they didnt even apologize oo! cilakak...
    but it's all good now...assignment finish already xDD