Friday, March 20, 2009

Green Tea

yesterday kan,either the gods must b crazy or i'm pretty damn lucky xDD u see,my friend...err,let's call her "green tea" shall we :D ?

why "green tea"? my blog,aku punya suka la.wanna fight about it? >D

u see,she got a car already man! wahh,didnt tell me earlier aa...diam2 sendiri ja xDD yesterday,dia dgn segala baik hatinya menumpang all of us back to our hostel.untung oo,finally got de chance to hv her become a driver.xBBB

she said she's not a very good driver tp ok ja pun.oya, i heard there's a bigger car coming her way.this car only for temporary use only.hmm,bigger car means can bring extra passengers la kan? hehehehehe....*wink wink nudge nudge* xBBB

of course la cover the plate number.want me kena saman meh? >_>

anyway,thx for the ride yesterday...n for the many rides to come xDD bulih bah kan? bulih bah kan? can bah kalo "green tea" xDD
before i forget,did i ever tell u that "green tea" is one of the most beautiful n smartest person i've ever seen? it's true,it's true.betul betul betul. :DD
yala bah,mo ambil hati driver kan.kekeke xDDD

anonymous driver in action.

gone are the days where i have to ride a bus to lecture n back! skrg can choose sdh either tumpang my roommate's car or green-tea's.yes! :D

........hopefully.jz kidding aa. xDD


  1. nguahahaha...i really want to meet this person....mao minta tumpang juga....

  2. hopefully next time pun dia baik hati juga xDD