Sunday, June 21, 2009


I waited so long to wish you lol.Can't be the first so better be the last.Wish my jimui aka heng dai handsome forever.And most importantly may health and wealth always stay by your side... *hugs*

before u conclude to,i'm not dedicating this message to anyone. i received this SMS out of nowhere.few minutes before midnite.garu2 kepala after's not my birthday...moreover,jimui??? hengdai??? none of my friends call me that xDD definitely this person sent the message to the wrong number ; mine.kesian sama dia punya friend...never got to receive this birthday wish.some random guy pula yg tiba2 dapat...

i want to tell him he got the wrong number but my credit expired sudah at that time.not my fault.


  1. isk isk .... jimui jimui, knapa kawan ko bule miss no hp ko .... hehe ;P