Saturday, April 11, 2009


it's amazing what you can do when you're not so occupied with online life.take for example ; me :D i didnt went online yesterday morning until just now.i decided i want to "puasa" online for a bit and see how it goes :Dwhat did i do to fill in time?

many things.for example,i was able to catch up on my tv goodness,so many new shows and my good ol fav of course (*coughcoughhousemdcough*).very fun to switch between channels and see what's good xDD btw,i saw this paris hilton's show about recruiting best friend or something.can you reality tv just got more bizarre and bizarre o_o

next,i was able to watch all the movies stored in my laptop.INTERESTING FACT : i'm a pack rat.i'll go around asking my friends "minta muvi ko" ,i keep those movies my hd and let them stay dormant for a long time without even watching them.them=movie=LOT OF MOVIES...come to think of it,that's why my hd only got 9 gb left xD .latest movie i watched (yeah,main download punya xD) is slumdog millionaire.a very touching movie but i skipped the dancing part in the end :D .one of my favorite line which really touched me:

"If it wasn't for Rama and Allah,we still have a mother."
for the record,i'm a christian and i don't mean to offend the movie to see what it's all about.5/5 :D

what else to talk about....yes! i got the opportunity to cook again after a long time xD i cooked dinner for yesterday and today oo! btw,anyone who dare to say i cant cook,ask my family or even taste my cooking and see what you would say after that >:D.maybe not exactly chef wan's stuff,but kira lulus la xD i wonder if mom would let me cook again tomorrow?

seriously, i can't do all these things when i'm too busy MSNing or surfing aimlessly on the internet.nah,you see already? but all good things must come to an end.i ended my puasa online exactly 10pm today. feels good to be back but feels even better to know that i can control my self from the internet trap :D

...........................ok, i lied.i wasn't exactly "puasa" but rather it was a case where streamyx was being extremely sh!tty and i can't connect to the internet no matter what i try.i wasn't restraining myself actually..i got nothing to do!(hence,all of the above) what do you expect?!
....but who gives a get the point,right? :D

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