Wednesday, July 1, 2009


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if a person's nose grow 0.0001mm everytime he/she lies and that person is about 16-26 years old,this would be the perfect representation of how long his/her nose should your heart out,pinocchio. :D

call me captain obvious,but i think i speak for everybody when i say we all love to lie.the joy of cheating=priceless (they should make a mastercard commercial from this line lol ) but when somebody else is pulling the string on you,nda best sudah.nda mao sudah.nda siok sudah. x_x
dont want to get into detail but i thought i become good at telling on which is which...looks like i still have a lot to learn.balasan mangkali ni. x_x
p/s:no,it's not money related *coughberniemadoffcough* if any of you taking guesses. xDD

any conman(or conwoman) reading this? because i want to be your apprentice.bulih bah kan? xDDD


  1. kin panas ko punya post ni....looooonnnggg gila......

  2. so hostile xDD

    besala.mencari kelainan :D

  3. haha.. pic ni.. panjang giler.. anyway, nice post..

  4. >_> jadi urg idung panjang2 slama ni sy nampak ... consider penipu la tu ?! hehe ..... i lav to lie too~

    =__=" tinggi btul - ingatkan bangunan pencakar langit ~ idung plak .... perlu super scroll down