Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brag Brag Brag

Next week is Chinese New Year and as you all know this is a time for family gathering and stuff. Family members exchanging greetings, gifts, good news and [hopefully] hong bao. Oh stingy uncles and aunties, give lots and lots of them red packet if possible. RM10 minimum.

But then there's the bitter part of family gathering. Human by nature loves to compete. So it is very understandable that family members loves to compare and brag about their accomplishments to others whom they meet only several times a year.

How many As you got? How's your study? Did you won the gold medal? Parents bragging about their children, you know the drill. I'm usually unbeaten in this bragging contest.

All my parents (or I) had to say was Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kejuruteraan Awam. You see among my cousins, I'm one of the first to enter a university, so you might think I own a little bit of bragging rights no? WRONG. If only they knew that getting a place in a university doesn't mean you're smarter than anyone else.

I am ashamed to say that when my aunts ask about my pointers, I always ended up lying about it. You see, I always kasi mekap my pointer so it looks more cantik. For example if I get a 2.79, I'll add a few digits and say to my aunts " Saya dapat 2.95. Sikit lagi mau 3 pointer ni. Sayang oo." But it's glad to know I'm not the only one doing this kind of thing. ;)

There's no wrong about lying unless you get caught. Perhaps I should prepare my script starting from today. Nicely written, nicely rehearsed when I reach Kuala Penyu Friday next week. Excellent plan, no?

Enough blogging, time to study for tomorrow's test. xD


  1. I can totally relate to that. I'm always being compared to other cousins, like whose course is better or who's smarter and the likes. I hate it but just like you said, human by nature loves to compete. Just go with the flow i guess.

    p/s Hi, i'm random blogwalker :)

  2. far as I can c..I'm feelin' ya..I do brag mine too...but without telling 2.xx laaa...just having said omost 3...hahaha..It's so no one will look down on me...u aso the frst to study engineering...which is tough!!

  3. LOL... i 2nd ur opinion and I do think a bit white lie dusnt harm any1. =)

  4. hahaha u noe cyl~!
    i just learn the art to make-up
    since my dem niece pun sama2 masuk u but taking pengurusan course n was like super brag bout her 2.9~!
    huh trs last time i said cket lg dean list muahahahaha~~~!!!!