Saturday, March 6, 2010


There are three things I suck the most in doing.
  1. Sewing
  2. Singing
  3. Dancing
I tried sewing before but my hands ended up being a pin cushion. Kept poking my fingers with the needle and trying to get that thread to enter that fucking small hole in the needle is a near impossible task which took hours to complete. Singing however, I think I'm getting better with all the hours of karaoke-ing with my friends. Personally, I think my talent can be compared to that of Frank Sinatra's or Jamal Abdillah's, minus the ability to sing.

As for dancing, it was about 11-12 years ago when I did my last dance, the Macarena. It was an audition for the one of the dances in our Majlis Anugerah Murid Cemerlang, I did horribly bad [indicated by the laughters of my friends] , I didn't get chosen and from that day onward, my short-lived dancing days are over.
That is, until today.

One of my friends were talking about doing some kind of tango dance for our Civil Engineering Annual Dinner.A backup performance, just in case . "Ko mao ikut ka?" and without thinking much about it, I agreed. All for the sake of seeking new experience. Trained by professional dancers and all I had to do was to move around the dance floor with my partner. Easy peezy lemon squeezy, right?

HELL NO. The practice started and I got a handful of reality checks. All the notion of this being easy was shattered instantly. Memorizing the steps were hard enough and I still had to force my body to execute moves I'm not familiar with. Everyone else were moving gracefully and swiftly and there I was, stiff as a board. A monkey can dance better than me, and I mean that in every sense of the word. Put a monkey in a shirt and there you go. A fine replacement for moi. Did I also mention that my dance partner is taller than me?

All jokes aside, it was pretty fun. Lots of laughter, funny moments and I'm looking forward to our next practice. I'm very glad I joined in. I need a whole lot of rehearsal to keep up with everybody and hopefully, I will. Regardless of whether this dance will be included for the dinner or not, I might as well enjoy the experience and who knows, maybe I finally can cross no. 3 from the list above. Wishful thinking much? xD

However if this dance is included for the dinner that night which I think is most likely, I pray to The Good Lord that nobody catches me on video. I will definitely stick out like a sore thumb and a laughing stock, I will be. *crosses fingers*


  1. lol!! i would love to do tango or any other ballroom dance one day!!
    u'll be fine and at least u have something funny to tell ur grand kids 1 day.. XD

  2. buli ba tu..ja ko rsu syl...chaiyo2!!!!!!

  3. lol. I think you can do it. Just throw the negative thinking because everything is start with what we think about ur actually.. So, just do it Sylvester and enjoy it.. Hope you do well becoz it's once in a blue moon.. *I hope I have tango dance in UTP also becoz I also want to learn to dance*

  4. hehe..klau ko mo jadi slim cam sigu menari kta tu..trus kan usaha...bulih pun ko mnari tu aku tingu...cuma feel tu..pitching tu...teda. nanana~~