Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi Gloria. :)

I'm gullible, that a fact that even I can't deny. But if there's one thing that can't fool me, it's would be a fake-advertising-profile on Facebook. You will notice them fake profiles straight away. These profiles are created just for the sake of promoting some sort of product or [usually pron] websites.

I'm very very sure all of you knows what I'm talking about. If no [xD] , here's a few pointers on how to detect one.
  1. A friend request out of nowhere, from a hot looking girl [see Profile pic]
  2. When you look at the profile, it always shows you blablabla and yadayada are now friends; from top to the bottom. It is extremely rare to see any comments written in this profile.
  3. Status updates always got some kind of link leading to God knows where. Usually disguised in something like a quote and then a link at the end of the sentence. If there's anyone actually stupid enough to click that link, don't worry. I won't judge. IDIOT. :)

Sometimes, these fake profiles will suddenly wants to chat with you, popping out random messages on why you haven't replied, hi I'm still single or so and so. I pity the ones who fell for this absolutely cheap tricks.

By the way, I just received one. Just for shits and giggles, I'll reply to this so called Gloria Sanders sarcastically in this blog [because I know she's a bot. Bots don't reply, everyone knows that. :) ] This will look stupid, I warn you. Here we go.

First thing first Gloria, not even once did you message me in any sort of way. So, it's kind of predictable that I'm not answering you when there's no message to begin with. And yes. I don't want to talk to you :) .

Then you asked me whether we can be friends, and then move on to something more special. Oh no you don't Gloria. My mama always reminds me not to trust strangers, so my answer would be N to the O. Nice try :)

So what if you're bored? So what if you've created an over 18 profile? Ada aku kesah :D ???? And the fact that you're ordering me to register to proof that I'm over 18? Sorry, I'm just too lazy to do that sort of things.

And then Gloria logs in to God-knows-where. Oh, and it seems that her username is sexygirl81 over there. The 81 at the end definitely indicates that you were born on the year 1981, waaaaay too old for me...and you said want to move on to a relationship with me? I'm sorry Gloria.

God knows why I accepted her friend request.

P/S:I'm writing gibberish words right now.Somebody help me. It's either the coffee or the pressure of final exam that's finally getting on me....

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