Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Bag Challenge Baini

Since CrazyCyn tagged me and also said "I wanna know what’s inside a guy’s bag" , I guess I'm up to the challenge. Here goes.

First of all, meet the bag. Say hi.

I'm not exactly crazy about bags, so I only have two. The other would be my laptop bag. I bought this one during my first year in UMS after my old bag terkuyak badly. Also if it ever crossed your mind that "Macam murah ja beg ko ni", that's because it is. RM29.90 during a sale in Wisma Merdeka. Anyway let's start dissecting, shall we?

Technically, the thing above is not exactly the "inside" of my bag. I just want to show you this monkey key-chain that I love very much. Monkeys are cool, don't you agree?

My contact lens kit and my glasses. Hands down, these are the most important things in my bag. Without these, I can barely see anything because I have horrible eyesight. I barely use my glasses anymore outside my house but still, the big conflict. Contact lens or glasses; which is the best choice for me? Can you help?

Me with no glasses
Me with glasses.

Yeah...dream on, right?

My spare handphones; Samsung SGH-C130 and CSL Bluberry. Just in case, if my Sony Ericsson decided to mo mati tiba-tiba. Seriously, I don't even know why I carry two spares even though I only have 1 SIM card.

My mini umbrella. Don't you dare comment about the color. Who cares if it's purple. As long as it serves its function, fine with me.

GATSBY Moving Rubber wax. My hair needs product for styling too, you know.

My necktie. Wait, how the hell did it get in here? I can't remember the last time I use this, since I barely wear any formal clothes to class anymore. Even if I did, I prefer being necktie-less since I'm not very comfortable with it. Nanti-nantilah baru saya guna ko balik.

My student card. I need this especially when going out for a movie. RM3 discount may not sound a lot, but for us students it's divine. Notice that I'm much thinner in the picture. Curses.

My medication.Just in case. I need them for my leg but I stopped taking them already. My leg is already fine but I had to stop doing heavy duty sports like karate anymore out of fear that it will hurt again. Pity, isn't it?

Unpaid parking ticket. Yikes! I hope nobody from DBKK is reading this.

My calculator, pencil case and a reference book (which I barely open. Hanya sebagai hiasan)

Comic book baini. A much needed savior while waiting for the bus to come but I don't usually carry one all the time. Depends on the situation.

Since that's out of the way, let the tagging begins. Kamurang punya turn lagi.
8. Asha
9. Suer
11. Dayan

Show them contents to moi. Yang nda kena tag, go ahead and do it also. I wanna see. :D


  1. Aiyaaa saya kana tag ka? Tq tq..tapi kan susah bah mau baca instructions dia...ehehe

  2. yaii..aku pun dpt jg??misti buat ka??hmm naaaanti2 la aku pili beg mna 1 arr??hah (itu Pop Gang siuk ja aku tingu kaver mata ni mata)

  3. aku tak suka menunjuk... hahaha...=P

  4. baru terbaca blog ko ne...soie dowh...hahaha
    aq terheran sbb aq pun tertag even aq sbenarnya xpande berblog..huhuhu