Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Grope can be defined as an act of searching for something or finding your way using your own hands because you cannot see. It can also be defined as to touch someone sexually.

Depending on your preferred slang or use of the English language, you can choose to use either “ass”, “butt”, “bottom” or “booty”. All of these words can be summed up to having one similarity which is their definition. The part of your body that you sit on. (I want to be as sopan-santun as I can :D)

Sexual harassment is made up of two words; sexual and harassment (Captain Obvious, I am :D) . Sexual is something that is connected with sex. Harassment comes from the word harass, which can be defined as to annoy or worry somebody by doing unpleasant things to him/her.

Surprised is the feeling or showing surprise towards something, especially if that something is not expected to happen at all.

If you can’t compromise and understand what I’m trying to say here, or even trying to connect the randomness in this post, let’s leave it at that. YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW. Believe me. Those who know, diam-diam saja. x_x

A picture does say a thousand words. XD