Thursday, November 19, 2009

Final Exam Review

Just for the sake of looking back into the past,I'll review how I did in my final exam for each subject.

Fluid Mechanics
Terrible.All I did was just writing down equations here and there not knowing if it's wrong or right.I also spent some of my time observing the ceiling and having a staring contest with the question paper.Serves me right for not studying.

Engineering Thermodynamics
This one's an open book exam.That's not saying much though because it's VERY VERY VERY hard.Holy mother of ASS,it can even bring the most brilliant student to tears.Ask anyone who took that exam on that day whether the book was any help at all.I can guarantee the answer would be a big fcuking NO. You might as well bring leaves as substitutes for the book because it won't make any difference.
Like many people said that day ; Ada buku pun macam teda guna ja.

Differential Equations/ Engineering Mathematics 3
This one,I have to say that it was pretty okay.I only manage to complete half of the Laplace transformation question though.Other than that,it was a pretty smooth ride.My luck is starting to change perhaps?

Construction Technology
This one's not bad too.There were some part that I had some trouble with and all I could do is goreng-goreng just for the sake of not leaving the answer sheet blank.Other than that,I'm pretty sure I'll get past this one.

Too many Chinese characters to read.Nuff said.

Keusahawanan Dalam Teknologi
Lecturers in UMS, you all should follow the step of our dear SKC here. All of you should

1. Be lazy.

2. Use the same final exam question over and over again.

Easiest final exam paper.Nuff said.A two hour exam,most of the students only took about 30-45 minutes to complete it.I finished mine in 15.No kidding. :D

Engineering Math 2
I guess I did okay.The questions were rather straightforward so I might hit a score here and there.The only thing I'm worried about is my carry mark....All I can say is may the Lord be with me.

All in all,I think I did okay but I don't want to expect anything.Nanti mulut cakap lain,result cakap lain.Just want to lay back and relax for a while before the big R-day comes.

Anyways,happy holiday to all.

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