Saturday, November 21, 2009

Like A Stone.

Audioslave - Like A Stone

On a cobweb afternoon
In a room full of emptiness
By a freeway I confess
I was lost in the pages
Of a book full of death
Reading how we'll die alone
And if we're good
we'll lay to rest
Anywhere we want to go

In your house
I Long to be
Room by room patiently
I'll wait for you there
Like a stone
I'll wait for you there Alone

On my deathbed I will pray
To the gods and then angels
Like a pagan to anyone
Who will take me to heaven
To a place I recall
I was there so long ago
The sky was bruised
The wine was bled
And there you led me on



And on I read
Until the day was gone
And I sat in regret
Of all the things I've done
For all that I've blessed
And all that I've wronged
In dreams until my death
I will wander on



It tooked me 7 years to find the title and the band of this song.Literally,only yesterday when I played a game on Facebook , Music Challenge I ended my search after so long. Anyways, this song is about an old man waiting for his death (Audioslave's words,not mine) and has a very deep and meaningful lyrics.Beautifully composed at that.

Currently listening to it (25th times in a row now).Nothing short of a masterpiece.

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